Sunday, December 7, 2014

Awaken your Five Senses to create a Home for the Holidays!

Create a Home for the Holidays with these simple tips to awaken the five senses!

Scent it up!

Stepping into a home with a waft of a pleasant aroma immediately puts everyone into the holiday spirit! Light a yummy scented candle, hang a cinnamon stick broom near the door, put some pine cones in a basket, bake some ready to bake cookies or even spritz your favorite holiday pillows with a scented spray.  This will awaken your sense of smell!

Put on some music!

While you are decorating, put on the holiday cheer.  Pandora, Spotify, the Music Channel, your iPod,.... music is so easily accessible these days!  Better yet, make it karaoke night and carol your way through the   classics. Your sense of hearing will be happy!

Hang those stockings!

Decorations don't have to break the bank! Save those boxes from your online shopping deliveries and wrap them up, place them all over the house.  I have all sorts of Christmas wrap from over the years, I'm sure you do too!  Even better, take your pictures and wall art down and wrap them up too! Put on a nice bow and now you've got cool pieces of Holiday Art! Your visual sense will be wowed!

Break out the Brie

There are just some foods reserved for the holidays!  Trader Joe's makes my mouth water with their selection of cheeses, crackers and desserts!  I also love tamales this time of the year, especially the corn and pineapple ones! There's something special about sipping a savory soup on a cold winter night!  Treat yourself and your loved ones with those holidays goodies! Your sense of taste will be tantalized!

Plan a family night!

The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones.  Arrange a simple family / friends night and break out an old-school board game, (my favorite of all time is Pictionary!) or turn the tube on and catch a Hallmark movie with some hot cocoa and popcorn.  Or light the fireplace and write your letter to Santa. One can never be too hold to create a wish list!Your sense of touch will be in action!

Hope you enjoyed these five simple tips to AWAKEN YOUR SENSES and create a Home for the Holidays!
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