Sunday, May 28, 2023

Road Runner Holds Record for Fast Insoles!


I am in no way a runner, or even an athlete! I came in to Road Runner Sports in search of insoles on the recommendation of a friend.  In preparation for an upcoming trip where a lot of walking will be involved, I wanted to prepare myself for hours on my feet.

I have had aches and pains in my feet due to flat arches, an old ankle sprain, a bunion and more!  I certainly did not want to be in pain on vacation, so off to Road Runner Sports I went.

I entered the store and they took my name and phone number down and told me I was next on the list.  I didn't even wait a minute.  Erik called my name.  I told him I just wanted custom insoles and he asked me a couple of questions.  What type was I looking for, what kind of activity would I be doing in them, what size shoe do I wear, etc.  I said I needed them for walking. Erik explained I would be going on different machines so they could customize the insole. The first machine he put me on was the treadmill.  Erik told me to take off my shoes.  I would be walking barefoot on the treadmill, he assured me that they disinfect it between users. 

I was in charge of starting and stopping the treadmill and getting it up to the speed that I was used to for walking.  Meanwhile, he said he would be filming my feet and gathering information.

Then, I hopped onto another machine where my feet were placed in different areas on the platform to gather measurements.

The last machine I went on had a little bit of heat on the feet. This is where they gathered a pair of insoles and I actually stepped on them, leaned back for a few seconds, and squatted for a few secondsto allow the insoles to mold to my feet in different stances.

Once I got my custom insoles I was told to take out the sole of the sneakers I planned to wear and then use them as a guide to cut the custom ones down to size.  Overall, I was in and out of there within 15 minutes.  Easy peasy!  I hope I will have only good news to share after wearing the insoles on my trip!

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