Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"Switch"ing it up-Nintendo's Family Game Night at 2018's SDCC!

My family was super excited to be invited to a Family Game Night sponsored by Nintendo of America on the eve of the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con at the spectacular Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina. You see, my twelve-year old son, EJ,  has been hanging out with Mario and Luigi since he was in diapers. He was introduced to all sorts of activities playing with the twins:  bowling, tennis, driving and of course having an adventure collecting coins to save Princess Peach!

We got the Switch for him as soon as it became available! He loves playing at home and also taking it with him to places where he knows he will be seeing other Switch gamers!
We were able to bring along my godsons to the family event and once we arrived, pictures of Mario and Luigi greeted us!
Just look at this incredible mural featured inside the Nintendo Switch Family Lounge!
Various gaming stations showcased all the latest games throughout the lounge, like Mario Tennis Aces!  My husband and I enjoyed a friendly game. The Score?  We were at Love-Love for a bit, hahaha! The boys were a bit more competitive!
After tennis, the kids previewed a new game debuting in late July called Go Vacation! Up to four players can explore an island paradise by engaging in a multitude of vacation activities!

The lounge also had some cool displays of other products coming out soon, like this Mariokart Hot Wheel set!
Another new product featured was the new Poké Ball Plus remote controller that works with the three games, Pokémon Go, Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee. This controller fits in the palm of your hand and will be out in November 2018.  I immediately thought it could also double as a stress relief ball when you take it with you to catch some Pokémon! Shake it and you'll hear the sound of the most recent Pokémon caught!
A special surprise of the night was the appearance of Pikachu and Eevee!
I had my own dance party with them!

Captain Toad was another game available to play at the event. While not new, it launched recently for the Switch and 3DS. An interactive photo booth featuring Captain Toad captured all the fun we were having!
Also displayed were products from the Nintendo LABO line! This line felt like a throw back to old school toys that we could feel and touch. Items were made of plain cardboard pieces put together. The total opposite of the colorful, techy visuals usually associated with Nintendo products. It was really neat to see that one can create something that works with the gaming system!
EJ checked out the piano.
At the event was one of my good friends, Lysabeth of Garcia Memories, and her boys! They also tested out the LABO Controls.
Even celebrities use the LABO line! Check out pop star Ariana Grande with Jimmy Fallon and the band, The Roots, using LABO instruments!  Impressive!
Not only did Nintendo provide first class family entertainment, they also fed us very well! We refueled with a dinner break!
At the end of the event, the kids received some really cool swag, including two games! 
We all felt like special guests experiencing all things Nintendo Switch for a couple hours! 
This event will surely rank as the top memory of 2018 SDCC for the boys! Thank you Nintendo of America for an amazing Family Game Night! 
Keep up with all the latest and greatest Nintendo news on their social media channels:
Twitter:  @NintendoAmerica
Instagram: @Nintendo
Facebook: @Nintendo

Disclosure: My family received free products, food and beverage as a result of our attendance at this event.

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