Thursday, December 29, 2022

The Mayfair Supper Club in Bellagio

This place used to be a champagne room where you could watch the Bellagio fountain show. Took me a bit to get used to the dim lighting. Some people dressed up real fancy like Gatsby era.

There are live performances while you dine! The performers were all very friendly! They play, sing and dance, take breaks and come back in different costumes! At times, they perform right in front of you. It was a really great experience! It is pricey but on par with other fine dining places! We were there for two hours

This is one of the main singers. I want to say her name is Monica. She wowed the crowd with Ella Fitzgerald's "At Last". She also did artsy covers of Britney's "Toxic" and "Purple Rain". (You know how you don't really recognize the song until the chorus because they customize it so much?) But I recognized Purple Rain right away from the start with "I never meant to cause you any sorrow..." I dropped my dinner roll, put my hands in the air and sang with her!

We celebrated a birthday and they gave extra special treatment with a rose, birthday attention and extra attention from the performers! 

There is definitely a side where the performers face and perform to.  We sat on the "back" side where we had close up views of the Bellagio fountains through the windows.  They do turn around often but if you would like to be on the audience side then you may want to request that in your reservation.  There is also a completely separated front area with the bar if you only want to come for the food.  Food was great and service was on par.  They don't rush you because I think they want you to enjoy the various acts!  I think for dinner AND a show, the price is worth it! 

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