About Me

My mom named me after a comic book character and with the unconventional spelling of my name, I’ve always felt a little different. Since I can remember, I have been a dreamer, a planner, and someone who values efficiency. I graduated college in under four years. I always knew I would be a teacher.  At 24, I had a husband, two children, a mortgage and a classroom of kids to teach. I'm in my fifties now, am a middle school principal, still married to my childhood sweetheart and now have three kids! Although I am not a millionaire, I would consider myself rich in terms of keeping a happy family, social life and promoting a lifestyle filled with helping others and of course, fun! I love meeting new people. I think I may have been a talk show host in a previous life since I can gab your ear off if I am in the mood. My friends tell me that they can find me by my hearty laughter heard across the room.  I really enjoy taking pictures and making photo books. I was on the yearbook staff from middle school to high school. I guess preserving memories, creating page layouts and writing copy is in my blood! My editing pen is always ready! In addition to my career as an educator, my time is spent with my family and friends, traveling, eating delicious food, finding new experiences and with anything Disney-related!

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