Sunday, July 3, 2022

Yurts and More at the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Campground!


This little hidden gem is located right at the U.S.-Mexico border!  If you want a quiet getaway and a different experience, this might be up your alley!

It feels like you are out in the wild, barren, desert! There are hiking trails too!
The best parts of this newish campground are the yurts!!
Rules and other information!
The yurts can sleep up to six with a dining table inside.
Two sets of bunk beds on both sides and some sitting chairs as well.
Right outside of each yurt is a bench and a fire ring.
The fire ring has a side grill to hold a pot, pan, or something in foil!
Restrooms are in the main check-in building.  Very spacious and clean!
Lots of activities to keep the young ones busy.  This is a plank bridge.
Here is a teeter totter.

Little trails to go through and even a small climbing tree trunk!
A cool gathering place for a meeting, sing-along, or group activity.
Another one with logs for seating!

I think this would be perfect for a family and friends getaway, a youth group or young people outing!  In addition to the yurts, they are also 51 RV campsites, but be forewarned there are no hookups.  Check out more information on the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Campground website.  

As a bonus, there is the nearby Border Field State Park to enjoy the ocean breeze and view! Campers can walk here from the campground!
There is a $7 cost per vehicle to enter.
The Tijuana bullfight ring is within site as well as the border wall/gate!
It is interesting to see vacationers at the resort on the Mexico side! So close to another country!
What a view! There are picnic areas, barbecues, and restrooms available too! Another hidden gem in South San Diego!
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