Sunday, October 1, 2017

Starting off Filipino American Heritage Month with the FABNetwork!


With Filipino Americans being the second-largest population of Asian Americans in the United States, the purpose of the FABNetwork is to be a collective organization made up of Filipino-American digital influencers that brands can access to hear our unique voice, utilize our consumer power and exponential publicity of their products or events. We hope the Filipino American Blogger Network,FABNetwork, will be THE resource for brands and public relations firms to reach out to the Filipino American communities across our country.


Founded in 2016, our mission is two-fold: to create connections within the Filipino American influencer community and to be a Public Relations powerhouse that connects brands with the global online community.

Our first goal for the FABNetwork is to connect with other bloggers and social media influencers. If you haven’t already, please join our private influencer Facebook group where you will be able to interact and network with our FABNetwork team of influencers and grow our network together: This group page will be a way for us to learn from one another, as well as share resources to increase our social media presence.

Feel free to use this image and invite others to join our team! Here is a quick pitch you can use:
We'd love for you to be a part of the #FABNetwork!  We're just getting started and we think you be a great addition to our network of influencers.


As we build our FABNetwork, another goal is to increase our social media presence. To encourage the FABNetwork to support each other’s social media posts, please tag @_FABNetwork_ and use the hashtag #FABNetwork. Let’s support each other and show some social media love with FOLLOWS, LIKES, and COMMENTS.  

Again, we hope the FABNetwork will be a useful resource for brands and public relations firms to reach out to the Filipino American communities across our country. If you already have an established relationship with a particular brand(s) that would benefit from working with the FABNetwork, please encourage them to fill out this form! We can start pitching to these companies!

Again, come join us at the FABNetwork! We look forward to “meeting you” online!

Lora Bumatay Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia
@LoraSaysSo @LovelyLysa      
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