Saturday, November 12, 2022

Dori Boba is bobalicious!


Dori boba is the newest drink / snack place that was much needed in the west Chula Vista area!  Super cute place, super friendly staff, located right next door to Starbread Bakery. So you can get your drinks and senorita bread too! I got the Andy's Feck Tea and really liked it! A bit on the expensive side but maybe the prices are on par with other places? It could be because I don't really drink boba on the regular. The only thing lacking is because it took awhile for the drinks to be ready. I ordered three drinks. I think they are still learning their flow. I would come back though! 

Love this seating design!
Not sure if I could sit there cross-legged but the two little kids
who were there at the same time seemed to like it a lot.

Beautiful dragon boat fortune plant!
These two super friendly workers offered my mom a sample of their eggroll.

I really like their aesthetic in design!

Lychee tea, Andy's Feck Tea, and Passionfruit Mango tea.
All delicious!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

San Diego Asian Film Festival's 2022 Chew the Scene

 San Diego Asian Film Festival's 2022 Chew the Scene

I was invited to the amouse bousch of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, "Chew the Scene" and it was definitely tasty! Various restaurants offered samples of their sumptuous menu items!

I loved the presentation of Kettner Exchanged and their Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice!
Koishii gave mini musibis and baby siopaos!
Saigon Grinder gave a loaded banh mi that was Saigon good!
If you are a fan of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, you might recognize Lia's Lumpia.  This scotch egg was crispy and full of longanisa flavor!  
Snoice handed out strawberry wintermelon milk tea with boba!
The venue was fantastic! Outdoors, multi-leveled with lots of room! Here I am with Carmela, the Director of Marketing for the San Diego Asian Film Festival!
If you had a VIP bracelet, drinks were included! I appreciated the mocktails though!
Zen Modern Asian bistro gave flavorful rice with very tender pork!
Crab hut with a bowl of shrimp and grits! So good!
Kingfisher offered a fancy scallop dish with fancy gold spoons too!
Glass Box offered a spicy crab roll topped with salmon.
Sovereign Modern Thai plated a taro rice pudding dessert! I came back for seconds for this one!
There were other vendors that I didn't get to take a picture of their food. All I can say is fast a day ahead before you come! SO much to see and eat!  Highly encourage everyone to attend this next year!

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Top Five Reasons to Disney Cruise!

We recently came back from our sixth Disney Cruise on the Wonder.  Here are my top five reasons to Disney Cruise!

1.  The Characters!

On a Disney cruise, especially on one of the smaller boats, you have a greater chance of reducing your wait time to meet a character and increasing the amount of time you get to spend with them! Take a picture with them, talk to them, and interact! Priceless memories for Disney fans of all ages!

Chip and Dale

Princess Tiana


Snow White, Ariel, and Cinderella

Sorcerer Mickey

2. The Food! 

Let's admit it, most people love cruising for the 24/7 fantastic food available! As a foodie, the high end entrees and especially the desserts are incredible!   Fast casual counter service and room service also is available!

Truffle pasta purseilles, Beef Tenderloin, Sticky toffee pudding, mango cheesecake, chocolate walnut mousse cake

Charcuterie, tuna tartar, mushroom pasta, lobster salad

Pastries and desserts at Cove Cave

Pecan tart

Cookies and Cream cake

3. The Service!

Disney is a brand known for making family memories! All of that is in making sure they meet and exceed your expectations!  EVERYONE is super friendly and will try to accommodate any of your requests!  We have enjoyed exceptional service by our housekeeping and restaurant staff! Always a tidy room when you come back even from being away just for a short while!  Love the chocolate and towel/blanket animals as part of the turn down service.  Our Filipino server Roman indulged us with a Filipino dish of chicken/pork adobo and garlic rice during one of our dinners too! Disney has rotational dining for dinner at their three sit down restaurants. Your serving staff stays with you at the different restaurants.  They get to know you pretty well! What you like to drink! I had my hot tea with lemon and honey ready when we would arrive. Want something from the kids' menu instead? You got it!  They knew that I liked to order a dessert sampler too. One of everything please!  All of them are contract employees that depend a lot on gratuities. We make sure we acknowledge their efforts through a hopefully generous tip at the end of the cruise.


Sea turtle

Our Servers!

Mickey Waffles from the kids menu, even if I'm 50+!

Custom Filipino Adobo made especially for us!

Dessert sampler!

4.  The Entertainment!

Disney entertainment is unmatched! Their nightly shows are masterpieces! No filming or photographing allowed so I don't have pictures to show of the productions.  However, I do have some pictures of their other activities available!  They usually have a performance a dinner time, on the deck as well at night and some specialty classes! Our family attended the napkin folding class, a culinary demonstration, we played bingo and some trivia games with prizes awarded for the winners!   Of course the pool and specialty clubs are available for the little ones and tweens.

Show at Tiana's during dinner!

"Frozen" performance on the deck at night!

Mixology class

For adults only
Broadway Guest Artist presentation!

Culinary demonstration

Napkin folding class

5. The ship is beautiful!
We have stayed in rooms with verandahs the last two or three cruises and I don't think I can do without a verandah now! I love watching and listening to the water!  All of the ships are well appointed and they take great care in maintenance and keeping things looking good as new!  Lots of places to enjoy on the ship!
Our connecting verandahs

Our stateroom can sleep four! The couch converts and there is a pull down bed from the ceiling!


One of three shower experiences

Adult zone at night
Deck to relax!
Beautiful sunset on the sea

There are so many other benefits to a Disney Cruise, I can go on and on, but these are my top five reasons! They are other lines that are more affordable, but for me Disney is the best! The food and shows alone are worth their value! I plan to continue Disney Cruising into my golden years! Thanks for reading! 
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