Friday, December 25, 2015

Let iDessert be your next dessert destination in San Diego!

iDessert is the latest interactive, customized dessert destination in San Diego!  Famous Chef Jean-Philippe, known for his chocolate patisserie in the Aria resort in Las Vegas, brings dessert magic to Little Italy.  This is the first location of its kind.
Photo by iDessert
Inside iDessert is like a scene come to life from the board game, Candyland, with some Willy Wonka colors mixed in!  So many tempting visuals to whet your appetite!

You might guess from the name of the place, that orders are taken on what else, an iPad!

Each screen gives you easy instructions to follow.  Basically this is a gelato shop with meringue being used as a crust for the base of your dessert.  You can create a regular dessert, a sundae or a milkshake.  Gluten free items are also available. There are literally thousands of combination options when you have a choice of crust, gelato, cream, cake, sauce, and fruit. If the endless possibilities overwhelm you, you can choose from Chef's favorites, combinations that are already put together for you.

iDessert prides itself on the quality of their ingredients.  Everything is made in house.  Fruit is always fresh, never frozen. Sauces are not made with high fructose corn syrup but with heavy cream. And the gelato and cakes are made from scratch.
Photo by iDessert

Photo by iDessert
My son chose a regular oreo milkshake!

I chose to build a dessert. Mine had a hazelnut crust, exotic sorbet, lemon cake, berry sauce and butterfinger crunch.  There was no rhyme or reason. I just went with flavors I liked!  Of course I ordered it Las Vegas bowl style.  Check it out! 

It was truly an "out of this world" dessert!  I thought the flavors maybe wouldn't blend well, but I ate the whole thing! I loved the different levels of texture! The crunchy meringue,  the smooth gelato, the density of the cake and the sticky sweetness of the butterfinger bits made it a very enjoyable experience!

Jean-Philippe also invented the dessert "tools". We were instructed to take the dome off the top and squeeze the lollipop straw to sauce your dessert.  It worked like a turkey baster! 

Our attention was also brought to the spoon which has a flat tip to crack your meringue crust! 

Besides the custom desserts, iDesserts sells all sorts of other goodies including gourmet coffee and teas, candies, biscotti, and more! At the time of this writing, their Christmas goodies were 50% off.

The novelty and quality of the product is worth at least one visit!  Out of town guests will surely be impressed. However, be prepared to pay a moderate price for the experience! Also, allow for time to find parking as street metered parking is what is close by. iDessert is located at 1608 India Street in the Little Italy area of San Diego!

Disclosure: My son and I received complimentary desserts.  All opinions are my own.

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