Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Your Wife Really Wants for Valentine's Day!

I recently asked my besties what they want for Valentine's Day this year. Their answers may surprise you. One of my BFs, Norliza, said she really doesn't want anything.  She feels Valentine's day is too commercialized and that celebrating love should be all year long. She doesn't need things "bought".  I asked her for more details and she mentioned that she would rather have her husband do tasks without being asked to show his love and appreciation for her all year round. Tasks like folding laundry, putting away the dishes, filling her car with fluids and the like.

My sister Melanie agrees.  For her, feeling loved is not about things so much but gestures from her husband that show appreciation. Simple things like doing laundry (interesting this is mentioned again!), putting gas in her car (this too), cooking dinner so she doesn't have to cook, or getting her favorite fruits or food or things in her favorite color (my sister LOVES purple). She emphasizes that these gifts don't need to be anything expensive.

I guess it is true that birds of a feather flock together. I'm also a "show me throughout the year" gal instead of a "buy me" something person. I really don't need flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner, jewelry or even a card. I also appreciate chores being done by my husband without being asked (laundry is a big one for me too!), school lunches packed,  groceries bought, and homework done with my son. These show me that he is my partner, that he cares about managing my stress level and well-being and wants to make me happy!

But as Valentine's Day approaches, I thought of some ideas that are sort of "out of the box" that I would love to receive from my husband and wanted to share them.
  • A love letter - I would really treasure a love letter from my husband.  We used to write each other regularly when we were young. Of course, there was no world wide web for email or cell phones for texting then.  There's something really sweet about your husband putting his thoughts on paper about how much he loves you. 
  • A modern "mix tape" - He knows my favorite songs and artists.  I would love to have him download music onto my phone or make a CD. That way, every time I am in the car listening to it, I'll be thinking of him!
  • A slide show set to "our" songs - What a wonderful way to review memories together than through a slide show or video of pictures he has picked out.  A photo book would also be a great printed gift!
  • A re-creation of one of our first dates - I think our first movie date was watching "The Last Dragon" or "Karate Kid". We ate pizza before the movie.  We also went on a picnic way back when at the beach with some sub sandwiches and chips. We were definitely on a student budget then! Another memory of mine was going jogging in the morning as I was on a weight loss kick, yet I believe we ate a stack of pancakes afterwards, hahaha! It would be fun to re-live those moments!
  • A vision board of future plans - There's a sense of security in having your spouse put your future dreams and goals together onto a board.  Having your financial goals, travel plans, your bucket list captured is an awesome demonstration of commitment to a future together.
  • A time capsule - This could be made of items real or representational of your meaningful moments from your past, future, or both!
  • The good old coupon book - It would be great to be able to redeem a coupon once a month for all the activities that he knows I would enjoy. For example, activities like getting a massage, a day of shopping with him (he doesn't enjoy this very much), cleaning the bathrooms (my least favorite chore), or going for a walk with me to get some exercise, etc...
  • A photo shoot - As our families grow older, it can get more difficult to get everyone together for a family portrait.  I would love for my husband to take care of the wardrobe theme, set up a salon appointment and hire a professional to do a photo session. I have yet to meet a girl who doesn't enjoy being done up and photographed.
Aside from these ideas, I believe the single most important gift husbands can give their wives on Valentine's Day is some undivided attention and time. This means putting the phone down, asking questions about her day, doting on her, and making her feel like she is the most important person in the world!  Please share this with your special someone if you think it would help! Have an idea as well? Please leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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