Saturday, July 23, 2016

The New Del Taco!

Now available in all locations, The Del Taco, a bigger, fresher and better-tasting crunchy beef taco, worthy of the brand’s name. The Del Taco is loaded with more seasoned beef, more freshly grated cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and fresh, chopped tomatoes, all supported by a bigger, crunchier corn shell. Full of the fresh ingredients guests love, The Del Taco is everything a delicious taco should be. Loaded with more seasoned beef and more hand grated cheddar cheese, guests will be surprised by The Del Taco size and portion for only $1.39. (Prices may vary according to location). Del Taco also offers the option to substitute seasoned turkey, with 33% less fat than the traditional seasoned beef, in The Del Taco at no additional charge. What other taco restaurant offers that? Del Taco may be the only one. 
Actually, Del Taco has a long history of doing things differently such as fresh grilling chicken and carne asada in every restaurant’s working kitchen, but offering these freshly prepared items at the price and convenience of a drive-thru. The brand continues to deliver guests the unexpected for an unbeatable value, like preparing food with fresh sliced avocado and hand grated cheddar cheese because it just tastes better. In addition, Del Taco’s menu variety is unmatched in the industry, having always served Mexican favorites and American classics to be enjoyed side by side. Del Taco’s new number one spot on the combo menu, featuring two Del Tacos alongside Small Fries and a Small Drink, is yet another extension of that unique offering. They even offer hamburgers on their menu too!
We recently tried the new Del Tacos and being a foodie family, my hubby actually said that he prefers these tacos over the "other place". I challenge you to go to Del Taco today and try them! I say "them" because for sure you'll want more than one! 
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Disclosure: I was given complimentary food in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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