Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lincoln Date Night!

What a concept that Lincoln dealerships have created!  I heard about "Lincoln Date Night"through a mom group that I belong to on Facebook.  Someone in another state commented that she set her date and was very excited about it.  I decided to try it myself!

Hopefully you reside in a state that has the program. Here is the one location in San Diego that offers it.
What is Lincoln Date Night all about? Lincoln Date Night is about borrowing one of their cars for 24 hours and receiving 100 complimentary miles and a $100 Visa gift card to go on a date!  Isn't that incredible?  After contacting the local dealership and messaging back and forth with Marco, we had our appointment today.

I was anticipating a sort of timeshare presentation where you sit through and listen to people and perhaps get a salesman or two to push a car on you, but it was not like that at all. (Yes, because I corresponded via email, I am now on their email list and receiving emails from the dealership, but I do have the option to unsubscribe.)  Marco let me know that the appointment would take about a half hour and I needed to bring in my Driver's License, Car Insurance Policy and a credit card. There would be no charges made but just in case something happened to the car. Also, we couldn't take the car into Mexico. Made sense to me.

We walked in to the dealership and were directed to the front desk. Eric greeted us and looked up my name, confirmed my appointment, and made copies of the three things that I brought in. I signed an agreement and he handed me this card with the $100 gift card inside. The gift card expires on 1/2018.
He walked us over to Jacob who went over the features of the MKZ Hybrid with us.
There are so many!!! 15 minutes of the half hour was acquainting us with the car.  It has a remote that you can start the engine with before you reach your car. You can even go keyless and put in a code. The trunk opens with the push of a button.  You can sync your phone and talk hands-free. There is even a valet mode with a code to use when you valet so you can encrypt the car to protect access to your contacts.  Jacob did a good job of telling us all about it!
There were too many features to keep track of, but here are the ones I really liked!
  • This car has massage chairs for the driver and passenger! Wooo! I turned that thing on the whole while when we were driving.  OMG, it felt sooo good!
  • There is no center or steering wheel shifting, you push a button on a side panel!
  •    The side mirrors have a orange light sensor to let you know that a vehicle is in your blind spot.
  • If your phone is programmed in and the airbags deploy, the car is equipped with 911 assist.  They will call you to see if you are ok!  Safety first! 
Jacob let us know that Lincoln designed their cars for the customer experience.  All in all, we were in and out of there in less than thirty minutes.  AND, since we left our dependable Toyota Sequoia there, they let us know it will be washed and ready for us when we return the MKZ tomorrow.

I don't know of any cooler promotion than this! Get on your phone and book your #LincolnDateNight today!

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