Monday, March 26, 2018

The New Willows Hotel and Spa at Viejas!

Have you been to Viejas Casino and Resort lately?  This place has expanded in major ways and they're not done yet! I've always enjoyed the gaming, the buffet and the shopping across the street and when they added a hotel years ago, I thought Viejas was on it's way to becoming a premier casino in San Diego.  Viejas recently opened an ADULTS only tower, complete with it's own pool, fitness area and spa, making it a total vacation destination!

I was offered a complimentary two-night stay at the original hotel and asked what the difference was in booking the new hotel.  I was told it was about a $100 a night more because the new hotel is comprised of all-suite rooms! I think the check-in gal noticed it was my birthday coming up so she said, "Let me see what I can do."  She ended up assigning me a suite and gave me this card! Woo hoo!

Wow, thanks Viejas! I am certainly not a high level player's card member.  I'll get a mere $5 in free play or the occasional free room offer, so I was elated with a complimentary two night stay in a suite! Yes, I'll take it! 

Willows Hotel and Spa is located at the opposite end of the resort from the original hotel with it's own lobby, valet, etc...but either hotel counters can check you in.  Also, both valet areas can get your car when you're ready to leave as well!

The design team has done an absolutely amazing job.  Look at the check in counter and lounge area!  
PC: Willow's Hotel and Spa website. 
PC: Willow Hotel and Spa website.
As an added security measure, the elevator will only engage if you tap your key card to the assigned floor.  As we stepped out of the elevator and entered the suite, look at what we saw!
Gorgeous hallway!
Living room area
Complimentary Keurig drinks and tea!
Beverages nice and cold in the mini-fridge, also free! I drank a mini-diet coke already, lol!
Master bedroom!
It's all in the details-built-in reading light on both sides of the bed!
No clutter side table, flush outlet strip ready for charging your devices!
On to the bathroom!
Forgot something? They got your basic needs covered!
First time for me to see a hair straightener!
Forget the rest of the suite, I'll be hanging out in this awesome shower!
The one thing that really blew my mind was this! Simply amazing!

Guests can also enjoy the outdoors at the pool!
PC: Willows Hotel and Spa website-Adults only pool!
Pool view from our balcony. 
I was totally impressed with the Willows Hotel and Spa! Thank you Viejas for the awesome stay! You are definitely on the top of my San Diego casino resort list!

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