Thursday, July 9, 2020

Hamilton - A Powerful Musical!

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At first, I wasn't really excited to see "Hamilton" despite all of the hype surrounding it. There was controversy too about whether this musical glamorized historical figures who didn't really deserve the attention. I anticipated seeing a story about one of our founding fathers told in a hip-hop trendy fashion. It was that...and SO much more!

Strictly speaking about the music, Lin and the creative team are truly musical geniuses. Some of the songs are fast, especially the raps, so thank goodness my TV was already set for captions. I would encourage those watching on Disney+ to also put the subtitles on. The lyrics are stimulating, intellectual and witty. The rewind scene itself is a masterpiece. I see now why this musical has won so many awards! Layers and rounds of choruses that are mashed up and revisited over and over throughout, emphasize multiple meanings depending on character, circumstance and situation. "My Shot", "To the Union", and "Helpless" are all examples.
Also repeated by different characters are the lyrics "Aren't we lucky to be alive?" juxtaposed with "You'll never be satisfied." These combined with the endearment "son" from George Washington, trigger glimpses into Hamilton's internal struggles.
At the very tip, "Hamilton" is entertaining but underneath is a complex foundation of educational and critical content that still resonate in today's political and societal issues. With more to unpack, and like a good original mixtape, "Hamilton" is a powerful musical that leaves one wanting to press play again. What was your "Hamilton" experience? Please leave a comment below!

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