Sunday, June 26, 2022

Five Places for Unique Summer Treats in San Diego!

Here is my list of five places in San Diego that offer unique desserts!  These are all great selections when those hot summer days call for something cool and sweet! These are not listed in any particular order.
PC: Paleta FB So many choices!
Located in Bonita, there is a wide variety of different places. This is mainly a buy and go place, there is very little seating available. So you enjoy your treat in front of the store or in your car!  Unless you want to pack some dry ice in a cooler to bring to a party or back home!
PC: Halo Halo Website.  Mix Mix all the goodies in this Filipino Dessert!
The most recognizable of Filipino desserts - Halo Halo!  It is a shaved ice, condensed milk, ice cream topped dessert filled with all sorts of different items (beans, fruits, ube halaya and even leche flan if you like)  that is eaten with a spoon and then with a straw to sip up all the liquid goodness after.  You will have to save room for this after a meal.  Or replace your meal with this, lol! The rainbow colors will whet your appetite!
PC: Somi Somi FB Ah-Boong!
Korean soft serve served in a fish cone, like a soft waffle cone!  It's fun to watch the fish cones being made! So good after some kbbq!
PC: Up2You website  Green Tea Crepe Cake!

PC: Up2You website,  Honey Brick Toast!

Up2You is my type of place! The desserts can be shared and paired with a hot or cold beverage!  This is where social media / socializing is at its best! 
Mango sweets, iced treats and coffees too!
Mangos are my favorite summer fruit, especially manila mangos! If you know someone who likes mangos, take them here! They offer so many different types of desserts! 
These are five unique spots in San Diego! Did I list your favorite place? Or did I miss one?  Where else do you recommend? Write a comment below!

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