Sunday, May 28, 2023

Tasty Noodle House in San Diego


I absolutely love Asian food.  Especially salty, crispy, sour, soothing flavors found in Chinese cuisine! Over the last year, I have frequented Tasty Noodle House in San Diego three times.  I would go more often but I am not a fan of trying to find parking in the lot where it is located. It is a popular strip mall and spaces are tight and limited.  

One time, we arrived twenty minutes before they were closing for the afternoon.  I have never been served so fast in my life. Literally, as we were sitting down, glasses of water, plates with chopsticks, napkins and a menu were delivered for our party of three.  The menu is quite extensive, but people must have their favorites because three minutes later, one of the servers asked if we were ready to order.  I was still on page one of the menu!  We asked for a bit more time and then flagged her down when we were ready.

I am a dumpling connoisseur so had to have their grilled pork buns, the soup dumplings (xioa long bao) and green beans to have some kind of vegetable!  All were lovely!

On another trip, we also had their beef brisket noodle soup,  braised pork belly with preserved vegetable, seafood chow mein and spicy wontons.  Again, all delicious!

There is so much more on the menu that I want to try here but it is hard when you have your favorite go-to items. Next time we have guests visiting, I will be bringing them here!

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