Saturday, November 12, 2022

Dori Boba is bobalicious!


Dori boba is the newest drink / snack place that was much needed in the west Chula Vista area!  Super cute place, super friendly staff, located right next door to Starbread Bakery. So you can get your drinks and senorita bread too! I got the Andy's Feck Tea and really liked it! A bit on the expensive side but maybe the prices are on par with other places? It could be because I don't really drink boba on the regular. The only thing lacking is because it took awhile for the drinks to be ready. I ordered three drinks. I think they are still learning their flow. I would come back though! 

Love this seating design!
Not sure if I could sit there cross-legged but the two little kids
who were there at the same time seemed to like it a lot.

Beautiful dragon boat fortune plant!
These two super friendly workers offered my mom a sample of their eggroll.

I really like their aesthetic in design!

Lychee tea, Andy's Feck Tea, and Passionfruit Mango tea.
All delicious!

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