Saturday, March 7, 2015

3 ways Facebook has taken over my life!

  • The "Grass is Greener" syndrome.
Let's face it. You know we all post pictures of our current status or share "What's on your mind?" to see how many likes we can get.  The number of friends, likes, shares, etc.. boosts the ego and can be very affirming.   Facebook can be a tool to communicate, promote consumer products and even discuss social change but it is also an avenue to tell people, "Look at my life, isn't it great?!"  I call it the "Grass is Greener" syndrome. Sometimes it can be overwhelming,. Do I really need to know what you're doing every single hour of the day or look at your selfies from morning to night? Not really, but I do. So you were up early exercising, went to your kid's sporting event, shopped at Walmart and now are dining at the latest restaurant. Besides your morning noon night selfies, sometimes I wonder, how the heck are you getting all these pictures, backside view of you enjoying the sunset, biking, running, walking hand in hand with your kid, your significant other feeding you dinner, etc...  Oh, you ask complete strangers to take your picture! Wow, is all I can say. No shame in your game! Yes, your life is great and the grass is green. I'll "like" it 'cause it is easy for me to do and I am your friend after all. Yes, you look great, your kids are talented, you bought a great bargain, you mastered the selfie so much you don't need to use a stick, and now ....I have to find something just as good or witty to post so you can like it too because dammit, my life is just as great!
  • It's become an addiction!
You can tell me, well stop looking then, but you know what?  I can't! Sometimes I feel like I'm not in the know if I go two-three days without FB.  People use it for social events and even respond to messages via FB rather than their phones! I find myself sitting down to the laptop intending to do some real work and then thirty minutes later, I haven't started anything, but I'm all caught up with your selfies, activities, and food ventures. My carpal tunnel has resurfaced from clicking all these "likes"! It is an addiction.  I try to "unplug" when I'm at a social event but somehow that dang phone creeps into my hand and with just a press, there you all are, on FB.  I pledge to make more of an effort to be FB free when we go out to a restaurant, I hope you can do it too!
  • You think you know me? 
Technology is getting to the point where all of our interests, purchases,  travels, etc.. are getting tracked. Yes, I was looking at that cute dress on yesterday, and now it pops up on my FB sidebar today! Whoa, that's kinda stalker-ish!   Or is it convenient?  Yeah, ok, I'll buy it since its the last day of the sale and I can always return it if I don't like it, right?  No wonder my wallet has been getting thinner and thinner these days, while my bottom gets bigger and bigger, why, because I'm sitting down apparently FBing and shopping too!

I will say that through FB I've been able to reconnect with old friends and keep up with your growing families. So even though it has impacted my life more than I thought it could, I have some appreciation for that! Now, I'm off to fix my hair and face, I feel a selfie, just from the neck up though,  coming soon in the near future!

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