Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kpasta is more than A-OK!

Five star Alert! Kpasta is a blink and you might miss it kind of place. It's a tiny little eatery on the corner of 13th and Donax in Imperial Beach, with a tented deck that seats 30 people at best! A couple tables and some counter space are inside where you order. Maybe five to six parking spaces right outside, but plenty of street parking. What a sight for fresh eyes in this southwestern corner of the world called IB. Took my mom and dad here for a quick lunch when they wanted to go to the commissary and yelp was my savior. It was this place or an Albetos (not to be confused with Albertos, Robertos, or Rambertos) that had graffiti written across the windows, Subway or a slice of giant New York pizza. So glad my phone found Kpasta!   
I knew my mom liked lasagna, so I told them this is where we are going for lunch! Unfortunately we found out that they only serve lasagna on Thursdays.  But what they do have is a pasta meal special for $8.95, that includes a side salad, your choice of pasta, and your choice of sauce! Full size salads are offered too and they utilize Suzie's Farm products which is a nearby organic farm! Happy to see establishments supporting each other! Homemade pasta is displayed for you to choose from and there are many! Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Multi grain, spinach, beet, shells, I don't remember what else! The sauces are just as many, I should have taken a picture!  I was going to be a plain jane and just order spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce, but they offer you  tastes of difference sauces and I went with the Vodka Cream Sauce. Oh my, sooo good!  My mom ordered spaghetti with the bacon gorgonzola sauce, also really good! You can also choose two sauces for your pasta! Add ons are $3, I added on a meatball and my mom added on chicken.  Our entrees came with garlic parmesan bread laid on the side of the pasta, sopping up the yummy sauce that spilled over from the pasta!  My Mom and Dad both ate heartily which says something because they are pretty picky eaters!!  I usually hear comments like, 'this is too salty" but my mom asked how much this was, and I said "$12" and she said "That's not bad." Good taste + good portion = good value!  The servings were very plentiful. The three of us split the two pasta meals and we could not finish everything. We ended up taking take home containers which will make for a great late pasta snack tonight! 
Service was also great! Kind of hard to maneuver my Dad in his wheelchair as it is not a huge place, but the employees opened doors as we needed them to and checked on us frequently. In fact, when we got out on the deck to find a seat, a trio of soldiers in uniform noticed we were looking for a good spot to place my dad.  They were done and got up quickly and offered us their table! My dad told them he was a retired Navy man and they all shook his hand. I think that made my Dad's day.  I will definitely be coming back with a few of my foodie pasta lovers, especially my daughter who likes pesto, to share this delightful find!

Spaghetti with Vodka Cream Sauce and Parmesan Meatball

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