Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Mother's Day isn't always about being Happy!"

Mother's Day isn't always about being Happy! How do you describe being a mom? It's the most terrifying, challenging, exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling part of being alive. Once the baby is in the womb, moms-to-be start worrying about eating healthy, being extra cautious, doing everything right to make sure there are no problems with the pregnancy. I remember having anxiety filled discussions of how were we going to provide for our family? How were we going to protect our child from the evil in the world? and what about college?! I was overwhelmed and I kept Eric up on many sleepless nights with my concerns. Being a mom, I smiled, laughed, worried, yelled and cried.... a lot. There were times I was amused - first steps, first word, first pee in the potty deserved a hamburger from McDonald's! There were times I felt needed, appreciated, loved and also felt used and abused. There were times I wanted to run away, annoyed at having to figure out what to feed them, angry at the growing pile of laundry yet to be done, frustrated with homework time, stressed out at the sight of our cluttered house, angry at them when they made poor decisions, wondered what happened to "me" time and where the heck is all our money going to! I felt burdened and still do at times. Then there were the times when one was sick, or hurt and I prayed that everything would be alright. Please God, take care of my kid. There were times I beamed with pride when someone else recognized my childs' efforts and celebrated their talents. There were times my heart ached for those growing pains that all kids go through with friends and rejections. The wedding yesterday took me back to our wedding. I already had Sherilyn in me. During "Ave Maria" I prayed to Mama Mary to please give me the guidance to be a good mother. I still pray to her often. And on this day, I think about the women that wished they could be moms and can't. I think about the moms who had their kids taken away from this lifetime too soon. I think about the moms who are extra-challenged because their kids have special needs. I also think about all the kids without a mom. I see them at school every day. I've come to realize that being a mom is a life trial. It is a constant reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and that children are His ultimate gifts. I realize that I am blessed to be a Mom.

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