Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Compassion Experience

Last year, we went with family and friends to The Compassion Experience.  It was set up in the parking lot of a neighborhood church. Basically it was a big portable trailer divided into "rooms" where visitors can listen to a narrative of a person telling their story growing up in a world of poverty.  There are two different locations offered to tour.  We chose to experience the Philippines since we are a Filipino family.  It was probably the closest thing to actually bringing my son to experience the Philippines without traveling there in person.

The re-creations of the "home" of the person telling their story was pretty amazing.  The look, the feel, the personal artifacts and the sounds all relayed a four dimensional experience. My son got to read letters, look at pictures, and touch the items in each room simultaneously as the narrator described the poor conditions of the family that "lived" there.

It was touching, sad, and brought tears to my eyes at times. The statistics provided were remarkable.

At the end of the experience, visitors have a chance to sponsor a child living in poverty.  There are cards with children's pictures and names to choose from. You can even select a child from a particular region of the world and correspond with them through the duration of your sponsorship We didn't end up sponsoring a child, but just going through the exhibit was worth our time.

If you are looking for a meaningful Christmas activity for your family, I would recommend The Compassion Experience. Look for an event near you on their website!

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