Sunday, October 30, 2022

San Diego Asian Film Festival's 2022 Chew the Scene

 San Diego Asian Film Festival's 2022 Chew the Scene

I was invited to the amouse bousch of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, "Chew the Scene" and it was definitely tasty! Various restaurants offered samples of their sumptuous menu items!

I loved the presentation of Kettner Exchanged and their Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice!
Koishii gave mini musibis and baby siopaos!
Saigon Grinder gave a loaded banh mi that was Saigon good!
If you are a fan of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, you might recognize Lia's Lumpia.  This scotch egg was crispy and full of longanisa flavor!  
Snoice handed out strawberry wintermelon milk tea with boba!
The venue was fantastic! Outdoors, multi-leveled with lots of room! Here I am with Carmela, the Director of Marketing for the San Diego Asian Film Festival!
If you had a VIP bracelet, drinks were included! I appreciated the mocktails though!
Zen Modern Asian bistro gave flavorful rice with very tender pork!
Crab hut with a bowl of shrimp and grits! So good!
Kingfisher offered a fancy scallop dish with fancy gold spoons too!
Glass Box offered a spicy crab roll topped with salmon.
Sovereign Modern Thai plated a taro rice pudding dessert! I came back for seconds for this one!
There were other vendors that I didn't get to take a picture of their food. All I can say is fast a day ahead before you come! SO much to see and eat!  Highly encourage everyone to attend this next year!

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