Monday, September 28, 2015

Eating through LA - Eggslut at Grand Central Market!

As my childhood and blogger friend Cynthia and I were making our way to Los Angeles for a blogging event, we decided to find a Filipino-owned joint to stop for lunch.  We happened upon eggslut, specializing in gourmet egg dishes.  I've been a follower of eggslut for a minute on Instagram and was secretly hoping that co-owner and chef, Arvin Cailan would be there for an impromptu visit!  Alas, he was somewhere in a big important meeting, but we were able to chit chat with his friendly staff and watch them make our food!
Eggslut is located at Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, a food emporium where all kinds of food is served. Eggslut is open 7 days a week, 8:00 - 4:00. It is situated at the entrance of the emporium. There is plenty of seating at tables and chairs out on the wide sidewalk if you don't get a spot at the counter. Luckily, a couple of spots opened up at the counter after we ordered so we plopped ourselves down.  It was a HOT day again in Southern California! We sat idle so the warmth of the open kitchen would be bearable.  However, the 90's tracks playing on the loud speaker put a smile on our faces as we remembered these songs from our college days!  I found myself nodding my head to the beats....and perspiring, LOL!
Breakfast is served all day!  See the menu here. I asked the server for a recommendation and she suggested the Fairfax. This is a sandwich made of scrambled eggs, chives, avocado, melted cheddar cheese, and sriracha mayo served in a brioche bun. The eggs were fluffy and the bun was so soft!
Cynthia ordered the slut, a coddled egg served over a potato puree in a glass jar.  A baguette comes with it.  The jars are sous vided until an order is put in. Then the jar is transferred to a pot of boiling water until the egg is set just right.

The puree reminded me of grits.  It was subtle in its taste but mixed up with the broken yolk and topped on a baguette bite, it was fun to eat!  I think I liked Cynthia's order and she liked mine more!
I was able to get some face time with Blaise Sepulveda who was working behind the counter. He says he also co-founded eggslut. He, Alvin and co-owner Jeff Vales are all childhood friends.  They grew up in San Gabriel and started with a food truck in 2011. They used to park outside of coffee places that didn't really serve food, hence a business relationship started, serving customers who wanted their morning grind and a breakfast sandwich.  A regular patron of theirs from one of these coffee places told them of the opportunity at Grand Central Market and that's how they grew out of the food truck business. Blaise was too shy to take a picture but he shared these tidbits with me:

  • The name "eggslut" came out of a moment of being silly and it stuck.
  • They go through at least 1000 eggs Monday through Thursday. Double that sometimes on weekends.
  • I asked him about plans to expand and it seems a second location is in the works, probably in West LA.
  • They have a friendly barter relationship with RiceBar a couple blocks down and trade food!
  • He's a big fan of Snooze here in SD and hopes eggslut can be like them soon!
  • Although he loves to eat Filipino favorites like tapsilog himself, eggslut prides itself on providing quality and healthy food products especially to our Filipino demographic where diabetes and hypertension run rampant. So you won't find these dishes on the menu, not yet anyway.
  • He's planning a trip to Hawaii soon.  Mahalo Blaise for the on-the-spot interview. Have a great time!

Eggslut is growing their fans fast! I hope to see a brick and mortar soon!

You can find eggslut on social media here:

Follow Chef Alvin at

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  1. Good times! I can hardly wait to make new memories and go on more culinary adventures!


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