Monday, October 19, 2015

Find Melt in Your Mouth Desserts at SNOICE!

SNOICE is a dessert shop owned by two young San Diego native entrepreneurs, Jayrell and Dianne, who strive to offer a cozy place for family and friends to enjoy camaraderie and custom desserts!

SNOICE offers the following yummy selections:
  • Shaved Snow - A Taiwanese inspired dessert made of ice shavings from flavored ice blocks. The dessert is lighter than ice cream, with a more airy texture.  You can top this dessert with fresh fruit, flavored popping pearls and condensed milk.  I enjoyed a custom half Pina Colada and half Ube (taro) Shaved Snow with mango mochi, bananas, and lychee flavored popping pearls.
There are so many toppings to choose from for your shaved snow!
Photo courtesy of SNOICE
The shaved snow comes in three different sized cups for to-go orders.  In house orders are served on a plate!

  • Halo-Halo - A popular Filipino shaved ice dessert drenched in evaporated milk, and mixed with all sorts of fruit, other toppings and premium Magnolia ice cream that comes in Filipino flavors like buko pandan, macapuno, and ube! My favorite is mais con queso!
    Photo courtesy of SNOICE
  • Boba Tea - Flavored milk teas served with or without chewy tapioca balls.  They can also be served hot or cold
Photo courtesy of SNOICE
We have halo-halo and boba places here in South San Diego, but I was excited that I no longer have to drive out to the Convoy District to get shaved snow, it's right here in Spring Valley!  Better yet, SNOICE is under the same roof as Kababayan Bakery.  Bring your family and enjoy a Filipino meal and dessert!

This is the machine that shaves the flavored ice blocks for the shaved snow.  I want one in my house!

Our lovely server, Marivic, was friendly and efficient!
My son really liked his cookies and cream shaved snow!
Find SNOICE at 8423 Suite B Paradise Valley Road right off of the 54 freeway. Say hi to Marivic, Jayrelle and Diane too!

Follow SNOICE on social media:
IG / Twitter: @snoicesd
#thatsnoicelife  #snoice

Disclosure:  I was treated to sample some complimentary desserts. All photos and opinions are my own unless otherwise specified.


  1. Awesome!! That's just down the road from me! Now I don't have to drive all the way up to Convoy for a post-soccer treat!


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